WSA @ MAGIC is the energy of fashion. Focusing on retail’s hottest market category, WSA @ MAGIC is the industry’s standalone resource for fast fashion footwear. With a global base of product and buyers from over 100 countries, WSA @ MAGIC boasts on-trend, affordably priced footwear for women, men, juniors and children. Offering the largest selection of fast fashion footwear anywhere in the world, WSA @ MAGIC is the only show dedicated to this market category.







WSA@MAGIC is fast fashion footwear and is the industry’s standalone resource, drawing on a global base of companies and buyers from over 100 countries.


WSA@MAGIC is held in Las Vegas in February and August of each year and is located at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


If you are a footwear retailer or apparel retailer looking to enhance your store’s product assortment, WSA@MAGIC is an experience you can’t afford to miss. Register here to gain access to WSA@MAGIC and the entire MAGIC marketplace for free.


If you are a fast fashion footwear manufacturer or distributor, WSA@MAGIC is the internationally recognized event for doing business in fast fashion. WSA@MAGIC offers the visibility and influence you need to prosper within a dynamic, global marketplace. Apply to exhibit here now.




“WSA@MAGIC is different from other shows because it’s organized and has a larger exhibition area. Seeing different types of buyers was an amazing experience. Being first time exhibitors at WSA@MAGIC, we feel we achieved the buyers we were looking for in the USA and South America. ”
- Dinesh Primalani, Partner, Moheir Industries
“WSA was an incredible experience; it gave me the opportunity to meet many new vendors and helped me grow my business. The atmosphere was great and everything was done to make sure we, as retailers, were comfortable and well taken care of. I’m looking forward to attending again.”
- David Payami, Shoe Fetish
“MAGIC is definitely the place of fast fashion . . . The crowd coming here is incredible. We’re doing huge business from this show . . . It all comes together with footwear and apparel. I think everything is very compartmentalized and structured, so that gives the buyer a better understanding of where to go.”
- Connie Chee, President, Blossom Footwear
“WSA@MAGIC provides more customers and a better platform for business . . . Every year a lot of customers come to WSA@MAGIC because as a part of fast fashion we show a lot of styles, different designs, and it’s easier for them to feel, to touch it and see it.”
- James Xiao, Golden Island Corp.
“Since it’s all in one show, in one place, I can shop for the next six months, the whole season. I have the best styles and everything in one place. So it’s just convenience.”
- Monika Wiela, Founder & CEO, StyleUp Girl
“It’s a great way to market our product . . . better than any other show that we’ve gone to. It’s convenient for our customers, so they want to keep coming back to us. . . When customers want to visit from other countries and states, they can look on their [WSA@MAGIC] website, and it’s convenient for them to find us.”
- Naomi Guevara, Red Circle Footwear Inc.
“To see all of our customers under one roof, instead of traveling to them one by one, we feel like a lot of them have been coming to the show. Many of our buyers come out here to look at all of the other brands, all the other trends that are happening out there. This is the only show in America right now that can offer all that at this time of year in one place.”
- Issac Magrabi, Jesco Footwear Group Inc.
“We keep returning to WSA because we just get so much more business . . . The fast fashion market venue has really helped us promote our brand. Being able to showcase what we’re capable of has really grown our business.”
- Anna Carillo, East Lion Corp/Qupid


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