THE COLLECTIVE is the culture of men’s fashion. This platform showcases everything from classic collections to lifestyle-driven and licensed apparel for men and young men. By uniting this community under one roof next to PROJECT, THE COLLECTIVE gives buyers unparalleled access to the rapidly growing men’s and young men’s market.




THE COLLECTIVE is the destination for branded and licensed apparel for men and young men.


THE COLLECTIVE is held in Las Vegas every February and August at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.


For menswear retailers of any size or style, THE COLLECTIVE cannot be missed. Register here to gain access to THE COLLECTIVE and the entire MAGIC marketplace for free.


If you are a popular-priced men’s, young men’s, or streetwear brand, THE COLLECTIVE is the place to be. Apply to exhibit here now.


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“The traffic was good and the showing of exhibitors is the largest in the US to help draw customers. MAGIC is different because it covers so many segments of a category. For men's, it covers casual to formal and brings a wide assortment of current and potential customers. Many shows (like a swimwear show) are focused on a specific category.”
- Douglas Highsmith, President & CEO, Dorfman Pacific
“We met with the senior leadership of most major retailers from around the United States. We formulated key strategies and booked serious business, both for immediate goods and future orders.”
- Cliff Lelonek, President, U.S. Polo Assn.
“We were very thankful that the Fashion Editor of WWD magazine stopped by our booth to check out the new collections. He was so impressed that he wrote an editorial on the launch of our Papi hosiery line and featured images of our products in the press covers from the show the very next week!... MAGIC draws the best of the best designers, buyers and press. This is the place that key industry leaders are making things happen for seasons to come.”
- Amanda Harris, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Isaco International
“The best part of the show was the end when we sat back and looked at our 3 day success! We really had the opportunity to talk one on one with the influencers of the industry. Buyers really focus on getting their order from the best!... It was fascinating to see how busy our booth was everyday. What we thought was amazing is that you have to be on your toes from beginning to end, we received great orders from 9 am all the way to 6 pm. We saw a great result in having bigger exposure. ”
- Monica Alexandra, Marketing Director, Absolute Rebellion, Inc.
“Our location and the ability to expose our brand to the US Market was the best thing about the show. We discovered that our product is a great fit to the American Market.”
- Sharon Marin, International Marketing Director, John Peter London
“THE COLLECTIVE offers a whole new range of retailers that we are normally not used to. It's great to have all of our brands in one place and gain exposure to retailers from all over the world. There are completely different retailers here than any other shows, and people want to do business here. I write orders here.”
- Liz Rennie, Sales Representative, Money Ruins Everything
“What we were able to accomplish at THE COLLECTIVE is phenomenal. We can meet all of our partners at one time, we get to meet with a lot of our international accounts here and our national accounts too.”
- Nathan Grant, VP of Product Development, Bioworld Merchandising
“I get to see a lot of buyers and retailers I don't normally see throughout the year. We'll never get to see a Target or a Wallmart at any other show but here.”
- John Baldwin, Sales Representative, Odd Sox
“The best thing about THE COLLECTIVE is everything is here. It has become a one-stop shop, you can come to Vegas and find it all. You get a West Coast/East Coast contingent here which is really nice too so it is broader and more diverse.”
- Jimmy Azizo, Vice President, Jimmy Sales
“My favorite part of THE COLLECTIVE is to see my customers and be able to hug them, say 'hi' to them, introduce them to our new collection, and keep up our relationship to grow our business further.”
- LanLan Liu, General Manager, Giorgio Cosani


Alli Johnson
Show Director
310 857 7497

Domestic 877 554 4834

International 218 740 6837



Ursula Usher
Sales Manager — Young Men's
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Deborah Haessig
Sr. Account Executive — Traditional Men's
310 857 7668


212 228 8181

Kathleen Flaherty

T 877.554.4834

Brian Hecht
Sales Manager - Streetwear
310 857 7494