POOL TRADESHOW is the art of fashion. It's the intersection of art, design, and commerce where visionaries of fashion scout fresh new items made specifically for the boutique market. Presented in an intimate, business-conducive setting and carefully merchandised, POOL TRADESHOW provides a one-stop shopping opportunity for retailers of all sizes. From fashion newcomers to well-known brands, everyone here is a little unconventional. In a good way.



POOL TRADESHOW is an energetic and inspiring showcase of boutique-ready fashion and accessories that can help your business standout from the crowd.


POOL TRADESHOW is held in Las Vegas every February and August at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.


If you are a retailer, POOL TRADESHOW cannot be missed. Register here to gain access to POOL TRADESHOW and the entire MAGIC marketplace for free.


If you are looking to show your products for the first time, POOL TRADESHOW offers affordable booth packages and complimentary ‘Swim Lessons’, a one-day brand bootcamp to teach you how to make the most of your first fashion tradeshow and help your business take off. Apply to exhibit here now.


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“I thought POOLTRADESHOW was especially good for graphics this year. We found some really great brands that we are going to pick up for Spring. Smaller brands can get eaten up at the larger shows (it's easy to miss them too), so POOL is a good option if they want to be seen.”
- Christina Ferrucci, Buying Director, Nasty Gal
“POOL is like an incubator for fashion start-ups, as well as smaller brands who love the personal touch and underground energy of the young talent POOL offers. Buyers love the fact that they are talking directly to the owner/designers, which enables businesses like ours to tailor specific orders for their stores. POOL is famous among international clients; a large part of our sales some from Asia and Europe who love USA goods.”
- Oliver Maruna, Owner/Designer, US Rags
“We've been a part of POOL for about 7 years now. It definitely has helped us from a very small company to have more growth, to connect with customers we would have never ever imagines connecting with.”
- Albert Gonzales, CEO, Replay Vintage Sunglasses
“It's a younger vibe. POOL for us is more our customers, which is creativity, being a bit more 'street' and a bit more 'fun.'”
- Dan Sullivan, Owner/Designer, Irregular Choice
“Everyone is so creative and so supportive of one another, they just kind of pay it forward. They just share what they know and it's worth every penny to get here and do that.”
- Rob Schnabel, Founder, Bakline
“We had a tremendous show! Record sales and a whole lot of fun... well over 1 million views on Facebook in 4 days!!”
- Erica Easley, President, Gumball Poodle
“We have never done a tradeshow before, so cash & carry really helped us have a very easy entry into the tradeshow environment. We were able to get a read very quickly on what buyers like and don't like, and see what's moving and moving right now rather than waiting for future orders.”
- Genevieve Monroe, CEO/President, Jackson and Hyde
“POOL really opened up doors to not only get new buyers, but to work with them, make new collections, make new designs.”
- Sasha Wheatcroft, Wholesale Representative, Disturbia Clothing
“We've met a lot of really big brands, we've gotten into a lot of new boutique shops, and we've actually met a lot of big chain retailers too. We met this guy at the Opening Night Party at Foundation Room; he bought us a pitcher of margaritas, and then he came back and actually placed an order for a shop.”
- John Gornik, Founder, Bead Relief
“Being from Atlanta, a show like this allows us to meet buyers from not only all over the country, but all over the world.”
- Robbie Hart, Executive Vice President, C4 Belts


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Show Director
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Show Manager
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